End of The World: The Beginning

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The year is 2050. The Order of World Society governs the globe, the weather, the currency, and all facets of people's lives. The Peace for All Agenda is anything but peaceful. Scientist Gayle Conyers' life in this new societal structure is orderly, routine,focused, safe. Then it isn't. A renowned scientist forces her to work on a secret project that goes against her ethics and the Order. A protester warns her about the Order's web of deception and the approaching end of days. Gayle soon finds herself with a foot in two worlds: A scientific realm that intends to alter humanity for all time, and a spiritual one, where she's enmeshed in stories of prophecy, destruction, and the Apocalypse. Gayle remains skeptical. Until the Event that stuns the world, one that causes her to face the realization that this may, indeed, be the beginning of the end.

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2017 & 2018 International
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