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“From debut author Clerge comes a novel about one man’s quest to survive prison and find answers within himself. The prison fear is vivid, the odds insurmountable and the conclusion anyone’s guess, though it certainly won’t come easily. An arresting prison tale about penance.”
                                                                                              ―Kirkus Reviews

When the Dragon Roars is an absolutely riveting read, full of surprising twists and turns and brilliant writing. The chapters are short; the dialogue realistic; the characters believable and the plot gripping. But, for me, it’s Frederick Starks’ reflections on human nature that are the most engaging. As eager as I was to turn each page to see what happens next, I found myself lost in thought along with Starks.

                                                                       ―Viga Boland, Readers' Favorite

$6.99 E-book

The Starks Trilogy book 2

$5.99 E-book

"Nesly Clerge spins a convoluted web of human dynamics and sinister situations in his debut novel.  Clerge’s careful attention to character development and the cast’s interactions with Starks is a main ingredient that keeps his story flowing. Clerge’s cliffhanging chapters continually tickle the curiosity of thriller aficionados to keep turning pages to see what the final outcome will be.  Clerge also maintains plot fluidity by alternating character scenes, backstories, and a plethora of twisted and suspenseful events." 
5 STARS                                                                           ―San Francisco Book Review

The Starks Trilogy book 1

With tight, crisp prose and realistic dialogue, the author keeps the pace of his tome moving at highway speed. His characters are finely etched both physically and emotionally. Clerge knows the story he wants to tell, and he tells it in a way that is both involving and entertaining. Plus, in the best tradition of trilogies, he ties up most, but not all the loose ends—creating anticipation for the final installment.

5 STARS                                                             ―Joe Kilgore, Pacific book review

"When the Serpent Bites is a fascinating read..........this character orientated drama benefits from a fully fleshed out protagonist, gritty writing, and psychological insight into a realistic psyche. The obvious sequel has a high bar to surpass, but “When the Serpent Bites” is a fantastic read for legal buffs, crime lovers, and readers who love a great story."

 4.5 STARS                                                             ―John Murray, Pacific book review

"I've always enjoyed a good legal drama so I was glad to grab a copy of Nesly Clerge's When the Serpent Bites, although I wasn't expecting to be riveted to the pages. I was sucked right into Frederick Starks' life and drama, and I had more than one late night when I had to stay up and read far later than I would normally have. This does not read like an amateur novel. The characters have real depth - something I am big on - and the drama on the pages made me feel as though I was right there watching it. The book is fast paced and, in my opinion, downright amazing. You will get to the end of this book and want more, more, more! This is less a legal drama than the story of finding a way through a new life, but it is no less worth the read for that."

5 STARS                                                                       ―Bobbie Grob, Readers' Favorite