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Secrets and lies force their way to the surface in Nesly Clerge’s newest novel of deception, crime, and buried history. Frederick Starks thought he’d already lost as much as one man could: A beautiful family, the luxurious life wealth provides, success, admiration—all stripped from him in one moment of madness that resulted in a fifteen-year sentence in a maximum security prison. Certain that life has gotten as bad as it can get, Starks contrives a way to rise to the top of the inmate hierarchy. But his assumption is wrong. Amid stunning revelations, betrayals, and violence, Starks faces one challenge after another, until a life-altering event forces him into the most brutal confrontation of all: the truth about himself.

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When The Dragon Roars

When the Dragon Roars is an absolutely riveting read, full of surprising twists and turns and brilliant writing. The chapters are short; the dialogue realistic; the characters believable and the plot gripping. But, for me, it's Frederick Starks' reflections on human nature that are the most engaging. As eager as I was to turn each page to see what happens next, I found myself lost in thought along with Starks. While Starks reflects and analyses what he is learning about himself, I found myself doing the same about myself. I couldn't help but think how much Starks is like me and possibly everyone else out there. How hard is it for any of us to face the truth about ourselves? The answer is obvious.

―Viga Boland, Readers' Favorite

"Clerge's story explores the darkness that surrounds a man's psyche when he's forced to constantly juggle sensibility and savagery. Is it possible to maintain a degree of honor and humanity when deceit and depravity are his constant companions? Can he secure his life without losing his soul?

With tight, crisp prose and realistic dialogue, the author keeps the pace of his tome moving at highway speed. His characters are finely etched both physically and emotionally. Clerge knows the story he wants to tell, and he tells it in a way that is both involving and entertaining. Plus, in the best tradition of trilogies, he ties up most, but not all the loose ends--creating anticipation for the final installment."
―Joe Kilgore, Pacificbook review​

"Brimming with twists, turns, and non-stop drama, When The Dragon Roars by Nesly Clerge is a thriller ideal for any fan of prison-noir."
—Veronica Alvarado, Bestseller's World


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